It’s already been a tough winter and it’s only February.  My little corner of heaven had 38″ of snow in January.
So far, we have had over 60″ total for the season and as my friends and associates like to point out, February
generally accounts for half the seasonal snowfall.  Great.

To keep my mind off the snow I have been working on my garden plan and ordering seeds for the 2011
gardening season.  I find that this activity keeps me thinking hopeful thoughts.  I feel like a big league
baseball manager at the beginning of spring training.  Soon, I will begin to start seeds indoors.  Life is good.

Part of my garden planning is reviewing the previous garden season and making an assessment of successes and
failures.  After twenty five years of gardening I still have things to learn.  The weather is never quite the same year to year.  Nature has a way of introducing new pests and plagues every year.  I find myself constantly
adapting to new challenges.  That’s why I’m blogging.  This is the record of my struggles.  My greatest
failing last year was that I did not keep better records of the gardening season.  I stopped making regular notes in my journal: not a good example
to follow.  I resolve to keep better records.

That’s all for now.  I welcome your comments.
All the best,


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