Garden Calendar – 3rd Week of May

1.  Start Lettuce seeds indoors in 6 packs or 3/4″ soil blocks.

2.  Transplant lettuce seedlings to garden.

3.  Make a new carrot box.

4.  Plant carrot seeds, beet seeds and radish seeds in the garden.

5.  Prep beds for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and vine crops.

6.  Harden off vine crop seedlings.

7.  Plant first green beans seeds toward end of week.

8.  Set up drip irrigation system for main garden.

9.  Clean up raspberry patch.

10. Spray fruit trees, roses and selected shrubs with Bacillus thuringiensis to thwart green worms

2 Replies to “Garden Calendar – 3rd Week of May”

  1. Greg what is BT? We are struggling with winter moth caterpillars and I sprayed them with alcohol/soap/water because the fruit trees are blossoming, so I don’t want to use anything non-organic.

    1. Hi Pat:
      I should have used Bt. That stands for Bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacterium that has insecticidal properties, especially for worm-like
      creatures. I have been using it for years to control cabbage worms. I recently discovered that it can be used to control green worms. I use a product
      called “Green Step”. It is also available as “Thuricide”.
      All the best,

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