GARDEN JOURNAL – 1st Week of March

The activity level here at Greg’s Garden Party is ramping up.  We celebrated “brassica” week by starting two different broccoli varieties,
our favorite cabbage (Tendersweet) and the first kale of the season.
Like the week before, seeds were started in 3/4″ x 3/4″ soil blocks.  Perhaps more exciting was the planting of the very first tomato seeds
of the year.  Here in zone 6a, that would be considered a little early.
OK. Wicked early!  This is the second year in a row that I have pushed the envelope, so to speak.  Basically, I started an ultra early tomato (Glacier)
ultra early.  My plan is to celebrate “May Day” by transplanting these
tomatoes to the vegetable garden; with protection, of course.  I would
like to match or beat last year’s “first edible tomato” date of June 8.


Carrots harvested in one of my low tunnels on March 10
Carrots harvested in one of my low tunnels on March 10

Mud Season has started in my corner of the World.  More moderate
temperatures have made it possible to harvest some “Napoli” carrots
that overwintered under a low plastic tunnel.  I have another tunnel
with greens that I will uncover today so that they can be watered and

Leeks transplanted to their new home
Leeks transplanted to their new home

The leeks that I started weeks ago were transplanted to a 72 cell tray
where they will remain until transplanted to the garden in May.


Stay tuned.  There is a lot more to come.  The gardening season is here
and I will be reporting on a weekly basis.  Please note two recent additions to this blog;  Garden Calendar and Garden Journal.  It is my
intention to provide a full year of these two features so that you can
get a better feel for the flow of the gardening season.  I welcome your
comments and questions.

All the best,
Greg Garnache

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