We love potatoes. Over the years, we have grown all manner of spuds; Yukon Gold, russet, fingerlings, red, white, blue, etc. This year, we tried a new early potato from Canada called “AC Chaleur.”

These potatoes are outstanding. They have a creamy quality about them that is very appealing. Given that it is Summer, we have been using them mostly to make potato salad; the best potato salad I have ever tasted. It is ironic that AC Chaleur was not my first choice for an early potato. I waited too long to order and my supplier had run out of “Butterfly” early potatoes. Sometimes, things work out better than you planned.

Needless to say, AC Chaleur is our new favorite early potato. If you like creamy potatoes, you will love these. We urge you to give them a try. Keep an eye out for our new favorite potato salad recipe coming soon.

All the best,

Greg Garnache

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