My wife and I have been looking for a mild red onion ever since the variety “Mars” disappeared from the seed market in 2006. This old favorite fell victim to acquisition by Monsanto and was dropped from their catalog.

I am happy to report that we have finally found a worthy replacement called “Red River”. “Mars” was exceptional in that it had a VERY mild taste; easy on the taste buds. All of the varieties that we have tried over the last thirteen years have just been too sharp tasting. “Red River” has that mild flavor we have been craving. Whether it is sliced and put in a sandwich, chopped up and used in fresh salsa or added to potato salad, “Red River” delivers great crunch and easy to live with flavor.

We bought our onion plants from Jung Seeds. However, “Red River” is available from a number of suppliers. “Red River” is our new go to red onion.

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