“Little Gem” Romaine – One of My Favorites

My wife, Catherine, is still very much a cooking magazine enthusiast.  Every month we receive issues of “bon appetit”, “Food and Wine” and “Saveur”.  I know, it seems like overkill.  We can’t possibly try all of the recipes that come our way.  However, I noticed that one of my favorite lettuces, “Little Gem” romaine, was mentioned in consecutive issues of “bon appitit” magazine.

The April issue included a recipe for Pea and Little Gem Salad with farro and pecorino cheese.  The May issue featured two recipes:  Hand Salad with Buttermilk, Grapefruit and Mixed Seeds which recommended “Little Gem” lettuce; and “Little Gem” lettuce with Green Goddess Dressing by chef Renee Erickson of Seattle, Washington.

All this magazine love for “Little Gem” makes me happy.  We have been enjoying “Little Gem” romaine here at “Greg’s Garden Party”  for about five years.  In the past, we have had mixed results growing other romaine varieties.  “Little Gem” has become one of the most reliable lettuces I have ever grown.

Why do I LOVE “Little Gem”?   It is easy to grow; simple as that.  It germinates at a high rate, grows well in the garden and has that wonderful romaine crunch.  “Little Gem” is just that; little and very special.  If you like to have fun with your food, try using “Little Gem” leaves as a vessel for rice and sauteed bite sized chunks of meat.


A head of “Little Gem” is just enough for two people with little to no waste.  Because of it’s small size, you can grow a lot in a small space.  Territorial Seed Company is where I purchase my seeds.

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Greg Garnache



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    1. Hi Denny. It’s inspirational to me that there are folks out there paying attention. Thanks for your support.
      All the best,

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