MICROGREENS – An Old Dog Learns a New Trick


Every gardening season we like to try something new to us. This year, it was microgreens. I bought some shallow trays made for the purpose of growing greens and a couple packets of mixed microgreen seeds. I was attracted to microgreens because they can be grown indoors, under the lights in a relatively short period of time, like fifteen days.

Fresh greens in Winter and Spring; what a concept. With both the pandemic and crappy Spring weather this year, having homegrown greens close at hand has been a blessing. I would think that if you are new to gardening, this would be a great way to get started.

We have become quite fond of microgreens on sandwiches and also on our favorite pizza with a whipped cream and two cheese topping. They are also great with scrambled eggs. Do you grow mircrogreens? If so, we would like to know what varieties you have tried and recommend. There appear to be a confusing array of options.

All the best,

Catherine and Greg Garnache

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