ROASTED GARLIC PASTA SAUCE – We tried it, we like it

Last Summer, one of our oldest and dearest friends, Christine Trombley, gave us a compilation of tomato recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.  We tried several of the fresh recipes and they were pretty good.

We also made a canning recipe called Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce,  put it on the shelf with our home made pickles and jams and promptly forgot about it.  Catherine had to work on Saturday so it was on me to put dinner together.  I was craving pasta, but  wasn’t up for making sauce from scratch.  I remembered the sauce we canned last Summer, grabbed two 12oz jars, poured them into a sauce pan along with some outstanding Black Angus frozen meatballs and rose to hero status as a result.

OMG!!!.  Talk about “awesome sauce“. Catherine said that it was the best prepared pasta sauce she had ever tasted. Oh K  honey!  I have to say that it exceeded my expectations and then some.  Canning is time consuming, but this was worth it.  We are already planning to use more of our tomato harvest next season to make this sauce.  Click the link below to view the recipe for yourself.  It gets five forks from the Greg’s Garden Party Test Kitchen.


All the best,

Greg Garnache


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