We’re Catherine and Greg Garnache. We’ve been married for over fifty years, live in a 300 year old house on 1 1/2 acres in a small town in Massachusetts. Over the last thirty five years we have been growing more attached to our piece of land; growing vegetables, planting shrubs and trees, creating various theme gardens, caring for fruit trees and berry bushes, raising children, cats and chickens. We are a team and we love what we do. We both love to be outside, we love to cook and eat great food from our own gardens and we enjoy entertaining our family and friends

We welcome you to our new blog; a joint venture in which we hope to share our experiences and to learn from your experiences. It is our hope that we will connect with enough like minded folks to create a supportive and sharing community.

All the best,

Catherine and Greg Garnache

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    1. Hi Mimi:
      My seed starting begins indoors at the beginning of March.
      I start celery, lettuce, broccoli and cabbage seeds indoors. I will transplant those seedlings (except the celery) in mid April.
      In early April I start my pepper seeds which will transplant to the garden in late May.
      In mid April, I start my tomato seeds indoors for transplant in late May.
      Peas will be planted in the garden in early April as well as fava beans,
      radishes, carrots and beets.
      That is a partial list. Is there anything I didn’t cover? Just a heads up: I will begin publishing weekly to do lists beginning in late February.
      All the best,

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