IMG_0665It’s been months since my last post.  A combination of the holidays and a bad case of “mid-winter blues” have overtaken me.  I feel like a bear having a bad hibernation. Seeking inspiration, I recently had lunch with my friend Tom Stites, a retired newspaper editor.  He gave me some tips on writing and some helpful suggestions on ways that I can improve the look, function and quality of my blog. In the coming weeks I will be changing software from Blogger to WordPress.  This will allow me to design a more professional looking site with lots of  new “bells and whistles”. The most important words of advice that I received from Tom was to “find my voice” by trying to write in the same style that I speak.  Sounds simple.  I am looking forward to adding recurring features, recipes and planting guides for all of the vegetables that I have grown successfully.  I’m getting “juiced” just writing about it. I haven’t been a complete sloth this winter.   Last week, I set up my grow light stand and actually started some seeds.  On a whim, I ordered herb seed disks from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Winslow, Maine.  After eight days, I am happy to say that all are emerging except the parsley.  The sight of these seedlings has given me a bit of a lift.

Speaking of Johnny’s, my friend and fellow gardener, Harold Babcock and I drove up to Johnny’s retail store yesterday ahead of the blizzard .  It felt  like a pilgrimage.  We were both expecting to find this huge store.  I’m thinking  L.L Bean of gardening. I am sorry to report that they put all of the glitz and glamour into the catalog.  The store itself is quite small.  That said, we had a wonderful time chatting with other customers and the helpful staff.  After a short wait, our orders were picked and ready to go.  I was impressed by the large number of cars in the employee parking lot.  Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a large operation.  We capped off our visit with lunch at “Big G’s Deli”, the go to sandwich shop in Winslow, Maine.  We made it back home just as the storm arrived. All in all, a day well spent.

View from the back door 1/27/15

This bear is beginning to wake up.  There’s lots to do, lot’s to write about, and lot’s to look forward to. All the best, Greg Garnache

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